Saturday, September 29, 2007

ON THIS DAY: Sunday, Sept. 29, 1861

Rutherford Hayes, a lawyer from Cincinnati and major of the 23rd Ohio, is camped on Sewell Mountain in the southern region of western Virginia. Separated from his regiment (which is “back about twenty miles”), Hayes is serving as judge-advocate for the brigade commanded by Gen. Jacob D. Cox. Though Lucy Hayes frets at home about her husband’s absence, “Rud” Hayes relishes the military life. Writing Lucy today, he exults in the “beautiful bright Sunday morning,” after several rainy days, that “finds me in perfect health.” Cox’s force, perched on one peak of Sewell Mountain, and a large force of Confederates perched on the other, a mile or two away, eye each other, exchange a few shots, but impeded by muddy conditions, do not attack.

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